About KQD:

Hi I'm Kelly!  My friends call me KQ and on October 8th, 2011 I became KQD!  I started this blog during a major life transition but it fell by the wayside as I thought it didn't have much direction.  Then I realized, I don't have much direction so really, my blog and I are perfect for each other! I am quickly becoming a blog addict, reading blogs on food, health, fitness, crafting, home decorating, and families.  Here on this blog I talk about my dog Dolly Day, knitting imperfectly, the joy (and importance!) of buying local, binge exercising, habitual writing, updating my 1970's fab house to at least the 1990's, cooking up chaos in the kitchen and the chaos of my life in general.  

Basically I share all that I love about life...stop by and share what you love too!!!

This message was Dolly approved!

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  1. Hi Kelly, just wanted to thank you for your mention of my baby blanket! I tried to comment on that post but for some reason it wasn't working. Good luck with all you do!