Monday, June 11, 2012

Mentor Monday: Fun and Games

 Mentor Monday:  Fun and Games

I was sprinkled with sarcasm powder from a very early age.  That's why one of my favorite games growing up was this one:

Seriously, what is better than pulling one of your pawns out of start, knocking out an opponent who thinks they are almost to the safety zone of home and saying "Sooorrryyyy!"?  It is awesome.

In this week's addition of "Mentoring Monday" we played board games.  A said she wanted to play games that weren't video, electric, cellular etc.  I thought this was a great idea.  A good old fashion board game.  I hope those don't get lost because they facilitate some really great times and tons of laughter.  

When I arrived I was surprised to find a mini version of  A there, her name was F and she was the elementary school aged, bus missing, little sister.  Oh how I remember those days.  My sister learned from the early age of 5 that anything she left behind in her half day kindergarten class would be sent home in the afternoon with me.  So she basically left every thing she didn't feel like carrying.  Show and tell objects, the containers that used to hold her birthday cupcakes, her backpack if she was feeling especially lazy.  This is what little sisters do and we love them anyway.

So little sister F got to hang out with us and she kicked our butts.  Seriously.  I never had such a bad game of Sorry in my life.  It took about 15 turns to even get one pawn out of Start.  By then F already had one home.  Once we finally got to the bottom of the cards and reshuffled, A and I were able to get some pawns around the board.  We made a slight comeback when we teamed up on F (that's right, the grown up and the high school-er picking on a little kid) and thought we might have her.  But alas, her lead was too great, the divide to vast, and A and I had to admit defeat to an 11 year old. 

It was fun to see the dynamic between A and her little sister.  It is cute to see the attitude little sisters give big sisters because we are always right (because we are).   I can definitely tell that A takes on a lot of responsibility but she really could get F to help out if she needed. I will talk to her more about that next week.  Next week, we go back to ZUMBA!!!

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