Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Pinterest Challenge - Summer Edition

Raise your hand if you have tons of Pinterest boards with projects that you'll never do...come on raise 'em high cause you know you do.  Some crafty bloggers decided to make a Pinterest event challenging people to ACTUALLY do a project off off their board. The Centsational Girl is where I found this project.

 Presenting the Summer time Pinterest Challenge.

I chose something pretty simple that I wanted to do for a while and that I could use this summer and give as gifts.  This challenge, of course, was not without its challenges.  This is probably why our boards stay uncompleted.  Turns out that my "to make" board disappeared, so when I tried to go back to put the links on here, I couldn't find them.  I'm a bit worried about this as I had some great projects on here, but I'm sure they will cycle through again as all things on Pinterest do.

I chose two different flip flops, the first one linked below and the other one just based on browsing. 

May Arts Blog
ribbon challenge

But used the tutorial on Skip to My Lou  to figure out the braiding:


I made these adorable bands:

And then ran out of ribbon...hence the challenge.  These band will be lonely until I can go to the Michael's an hour away for their partners as our Michael's must be the step-child of Michael's containing much less inventory.

Any way, with a FULL 10 feet of ribbon I   started a new pink polka dot pair...

And attempted to move on to a little more wild zebra pair (flowers made months ago)

What I learned was hot glue could save the world and Gorilla Glue is not appropriate for crafts:






Look at that gross foam!!!  Gonna try this again.


 Well, live and learn....Thanks to the Centsational Girl for hosting this!


  1. I'm not sure if my other comment posted so I'm going to try again. I'm the actual designer of the flip flops you found on the May Arts blog. Dollar store crafts did not rip it off from the dollar store. They contacted me in order to share them and have a link directly back to my blog as May Arts also has a link back to my blog. You can find the full tutorial of how I did them here. http://www.andreasbowcottage.blogspot.com/2010/08/flip-flops-with-flare.html This is what you're seeing all over pinterest. Have a great one!!

  2. I sent a couple of comments the other day, but I'm still not sure if they went through. I would just like to know you got them. I'm the original designer of the flip flops on the May Arts blog. Sorry the videos do not work on their blog. They do on mine @ http://andreasbowcottage.blogspot.com/ The best way to determine how much ribbon you need for the flip flop is if you use two pieces of ribbon for the strap, measure the strap length and then multiply by 4.5-5. for each ribbon. On your pink ones I see that you braided it using one long ribbon. Then you would multiply your strap length by 9-10 times. FYI The hot glue may not continue to hold. I used craft glue to get my braids to stick and in the next few days am going to try modge podge. I'm thrilled to see that you tried it and that you liked my post for May Arts!! Dollar Store Crafts did contact me in order to post "my feet" on their website. Their website links directly back to mine which links directly back to May Arts. Would you mind emailing me and letting me know you got this comment? bowsnmore@andreasbowcottage.com Thanks! Andrea

    1. Thanks Andrea! I loved the pattern. Sorry your comments didn't post. I have it on "approval" but it rarely gets emailed to me. I am changing it now.