Sunday, December 2, 2012

WIP it Up: What I've Been Up To

I guess this blog is a WIP so I'm happy to give you this little update...

I love writing.  I started this blog in hopes of becoming more disciplined in it.  I thought if I made up themed days of the week I'd write more consistently.  Mentor Monday, Soapbox Saturday/Sunday but I haven't stuck to that.  I thought having themes in general like WIP it Up or Local Flavor would give me direction.  Thing is, I dislike discipline and I'm terrible at directions.  Truth is, I write when I feel inspired, when I have time, when I have something meaningful to say.

I have something meaningful to say, but I'm avoiding saying it.  I working on it and will show you soon.  Have news but not the news that most people expect (ie the news that a crying, pooping, spitting up mini human is moving in).  Stay tuned and I'll let you know.

What I have up to is creating hats for my friend's and family's crying, pooping, spitting up bundles of joy.  I feature them over at a different blog called Pumpkin Head Knits.   Below are pictures from that.  Right now I am working on Christmas hats.  If you see some cuteness you can't live without, shoot my an email with you order.  I am having fun and love the excuse of watching TV marathons while "working" on my hats.

Thanks for sticking with me, I'll be back soon : ) Until then, enjoy all this cuteness...

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