Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let's Talk About Hair - Their Hair, Their Words

I've always said do good things and you'll meet good people.  Somewhere along the way, I've met amazing people that I am blessed to call friends. Now, in order to be an amazing friend, you don't have to cut off your hair.  But these two girls did, and that is just one small part of what makes them amazing.  Meaghan is a counselor, a community volunteer, and the friend that everyone turns to in order to keep their sanity.  Meaghan is the girl you call when you need to shave off your hair, she's that kind of friend.  She has a cousin who is also battling cancer and she cut her hair for the both of us.  Karen is a Doctor who chooses to work with the sickest newborn babies, gets invited to more weddings than anyone I know, and manages to be a tremendous friend to many, regardless of all the miles between NY and TX.  Both of them would never say they were "writers" but I disagree.  The hair belongs to them so the words should belong to them.  Grab your tissues - here they are:


This morning I chopped off 11.5 inches of my hair, which is going to be donated in honor of my one of my best friends Kelly Quist-Demars & my cousin Diane Montanaro. Both of these strong, beautiful women are kicking cancer's ass & I couldn't be prouder to stand by their sides while they fight it!



So I know that many people are telling you how amazing you are and that the strength and courage that you give so many of your friends and family is unparalleled (to which I 1000% agree with)

As you and all of our friends know, I am not the writer of our group. Nor am I close to being good at it - So I won't pretend to write something awe-inspiring or anything of that nature.

I am however a physician ... I have diagnosed cancer, I have delivered that news to families, I have been a part of surgery talks and chemotherapy talks, I have watched the beginning/middle and end stages of hundreds of patients, from diagnosis to survivors and angels.  Each one of them has affected my life. I have always been taught as a physician - that we never forget the moment, that one moment when a person utters cancer. Life freezes. You may have experienced that one moment (or many), I know that I experienced a moment right alongside you the day you called. I lost my breath. I wanted so badly to climb through my phone and travel across the thousands of miles just to see you and be there. But alas, life doesn't always work at StarTrek like "beam me ups" and therefore it has taken me a little while to get to NY and be able to give you that hug.

However, I wanted to do something more. To show strength in another way - I once donated my hair just because, for kids with cancer, it was a nice thing to do. Kids that I now see and interact with often. But this is so much more. This my dear friend is a small show of strength for you and to stand beside you...I know it's not a lot, I know it won't go directly to you but I know that it will show and give courage to some woman and hopefully give that person just a small iota of your strength and determination.

Lots of Love always! So proud to call you my friend and one of my survivors! :-)

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