Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teal Tuesday - Some Wedding Dress Shopping

A couple of weekends we went wedding dress shopping for my fabulous sister! Even though she hasn't made a final decision in that department quite yet, we did stumble upon an awesome sale on some TEAL bling at Charming Charlies.  50% of off clearance prices???  Don't mind if I do.....

Yup, that's a teal clutch, teal sunglasses, a teal ring, teal and pink bracelet (for September and October) and TEAL FLAMINGO EARRINGS!

Yup, Teal Flamingo Earrings.  It's the small stuff people.

Now back to wedding dress shopping.  She won't be wearing this dress, but I had to show you how cute she is anyway.

And now I know what I'm making for the bridal shower:

The resemblance is uncanny, really.

And of course, we can't forget the real reason behind the Teal Tuesday movement.  Here are the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer again.  If you have these symptoms persistently for two weeks or more or a major change, go see your doctor!

Can you name any symptom of ovarian cancer?

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