Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Across the Street Pub

On Tuesday, I found myself in Albany meeting up with the old Siena crew at wing night.  This tradition started a whooping 8 years ago.  I find it hard to believe I could be doing anything consistently for 8 years, but with good wings, decent beer, and fabulous friends, it really isn't much of a chore. 

We used to go every Tuesday once we turned 21 in college.  At that time, wings a beer or soda cost $5 including tip.  Prices have increased since then but it is still a deal.  I don't recall how much the special costs now because I upgraded the beer and ordered some breaded mushrooms.  They have a great variety of beer but only the watery ones come with the wing special.  I had the a Yuengling out of a bottle.  I suspect another male at the table was going to pour his in glass but opted to drink out of the bottle when he saw that was what I was doing (man up ; ) )

Since college, we've all moved on to different parts of the state, county, and even world.  But if some of them are home, and it's Tuesday, you can find us at The Across the Street Pub.  It keeps us connected and grounded to one another. The conversation is full of old stories, new stories, and a ridiculous amount of laughing.  Once in a while we get lucky and run into the "super sports fans" that we used to laugh at (and be a bit scared of) in college.  Some of the greatest people in my life meet here at the pub.  I guess you can say I found my roots in a basket of (chicken) wings!

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