Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Reading Roots

I love reading.  I love having smart people to read and discuss books with.  As a teacher I always became friends with the English teachers.  I was so jealous of their subject that perhaps if I had become an English teacher, I would still be a teacher.  Eh, probably not.  Anyway, in Philadelphia I was in two books clubs.  One with English teachers that enjoyed good books and good wine.  Another with a mix of friends that enjoyed good wine and occasionally read the books.  I fit in just fine with both groups.  So one of my English teacher friends who I still rely on for advice, intelligent conversation, and laughter has blog which allows me to get these things from her more often than a phone call once in awhile and a visit to Philly a couple times a year.  This is her blog.  You should read it.   After that, you should read my post on her "Maladjusted Book Club"  I've pasted it in the next box.


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