Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Starting Line...

There are a lot of changes going on here in the DQ household.  Projects are getting started and FINISHED, cabinets are getting cleaned and organized, delicious meals are getting cooked, and a gorgeous gray desk inhabits the living room, becoming a space for creativity, emotional outlet, and joy.  Basically, a lot of the things we said we'd do someday are getting done today.  Because you can't live in the someday people.  Today is the day.

I give credit to the gorgeous gray desk.  If it weren't so messy right now, I'd post a picture.  I'd clean it off and post a picture but it is writing retreat Saturday and no cleaning is allowed. I couldn't it is -

   The gray desk represents a promise, to reorganize our lives to create time for the things we really love, to make our house a place our friends and family come in and out of freely, and to dedicate today to doing some writing instead of someday.  I bought it so it could be a starting line.  I promised the Hubs that I would use it.  He promised to hold me to it.

I give credit to the Hubs and my friend Jolleen.  Jolleen suggested we start a Lenten writing project, 40 days of writing back and forth to each other.  We have a book of reflections as a guide  but sometimes we just go with the flow.  I'm learning so much about my friend, a friend I thought I pretty much knew everything about.  But people are complicated and when there are miles and miles between friends, we miss some things.  I'm catching up.  I'm reaching out.  I'm reaching in.  I'm writing.

I give credit to you for still being here.  The blog will not be so silent.  I'm brainstorming a structure (here on writing retreat Saturday) for it that will be apparent in the coming weeks.  It's a place to start.  To find my voice and to let others hear it.  Hopefully you'll come back soon! 

PS - This writing retreat Saturday is brought to you by the Natalie Merchant Pandora Station.  Try it, you'll like it.

PPS - I really love this desk!

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