Sunday, March 11, 2012

This One Elementary School Gym Class.

Remember the crab walk?  I do.  It was a staple of the fitness program at Bacon Elementary School.  That's right Bacon School.  Where we had to be fit in order to save ourselves from the Pig jokes.  Not that we cared because we had the greatest elementary school in all of Townieville.  And the greatest name.  Anyway.

Back to the crab walk.  It seemed like every relay race had one lap that included the crab walk.  I remember flipping over on my back, and flying down the gym, the whole length of the gym mind you, crawling like a crab.  Then hopping up and getting ready for the next length.  No big deal.  

Why the walk down memory lane?  Well because....

That's right, bootcamp.  It is an online one with about 300 other women that lasts three weeks.  We get emailed workouts and guidelines and are challenged to fit them into our lives and do them to best of our ability.  Well, yesterday's workout went a little old school (elementary school) with the crab walk.

This was not the crab walk of my memories though.  I do not remember my shoulders screaming and my wrists aching.  I do not remember my butt feeling like an anchor struggling to cling to the bottom of the sea as I struggled to push it up and walk like Sebastian the Crab.  I also don't remember going backwards.  If Mr. A wanted to separate the men from the boys in those relay races, we would have added in a backwards length.  That, my friends, is more of a coordination challenge than anything else.  

It is a lot of fun though.  I try to go to the gym every morning before work and I find it much easier to get out of bed when I actually have a plan.  Bootcamp is giving me that plan. There is a little corner of the Y with a big mirror, a row of kettlebells, a rack of weights, and easy access to stability balls, bosu balls, and bands.  It is tucked away by the aerobics room and I like to call it...well, Mine.  I don't like when others wander into my exercise grotto.  Like that guy doing push ups the other day.  I don't want to look in my mirror and see your sweaty red face grunting through push ups.  And I can't help but think that staring at my butt is what is getting him through those push ups, because really, when given the opportunity, why wouldn't you stare at my butt.  I would.  Anyway.

I've finished the first week and enjoying my first rest day.  It really feels like a rest day when I am actually working hard the other days.  The best thing I've found so far is that it is the first exercise program I've signed up for where the first questions wasn't "what is your weight?"  In fact, no one has asked and I'm not telling them.  Because it's not about the number on the scale. I don't fail if I'm not two pounds lighter by the end of the week and because of that, I think I'll succeed.

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  1. love this blog! Every once and awhile I have flashbacks to those days at bacon school of crawling backwards and getting covered with dust and staring at the damn rope that I will never be able to climb. Send me the link to bootcamp, I would love to see your workouts. Keep up the great work, I swear your the most dedicated gym person I know.