Sunday, April 29, 2012

Local Flavor: Dolly Undercover

It's Sunday, a great day to shop and prepare for the week.  There's no better day to encourage buying local than today. We've got some amazing hometown shops here in Amsterdam and you know I like to encourage you to patronize them (If you missed it check it out here.)  What you didn't know is how passionately Dolly feels.  So in this segment of "Local Flavor"  Dolly takes you on her epic journey for the only thing she spends her paper route money on - Dog Food!

First of all, Dolly loves her new home in New York.  She came from the south where it never snowed and now that she lives here, she can't get enough.  She'd like to thank you for all of your votes in the Vote Local, Vote Dolly  campaign.  She didn't win, but she's not allowed to eat burritos anyway.  She has a very specific, very healthy diet which she can, and does, buy locally. 

Dolly loves the Country Feed Store on Route 30.  There are all types of natural, healthy dog and cat food as well toys, harnesses, leashes, and other supplies.  Most people drive by and think it is just a gas station, but it is a whole lot more.  They've expanded to include  small cafe tables to enjoy the fresh coffee and people snacks.  It's a convenience store, a feed store, and greenhouse all in one. It's tiny parking lot is always full as people stop by for lotto, coffee, or gas. It's a hub of activity that draws in locals to see whats going on around town. Plus, Dolly's mom and dad when to high school with it's owners.  That is what buying local is all about.

Something that worries Dolly is that a pet super center just opened up the road.   The bright lights and shiny coupons they are sending out are tricking people into thinking that it is better to shop there than at Country Feed.  Dolly thinks this is hogwash and took it upon herself to put on her hoodie and  go undercover to check out the competition.  It's hard to type with paws so Dolly submitted these pictures to help tell her story:

Dolly can't be seen shopping at chain stores.
Shiny new mega store. 

Price check, Aisle 3.

Where is a dog supposed to keep a discount card?

Canned food is the secret ingredient to Dolly's Dinner, but this place doesn't even have her brand.

Back at the Country Feed Store:

No discount card necessary!

The RIGHT canned food PLUS two free samples!

What a deal!
As you can see, Dolly got what she wanted, saved money, AND got free samples from the nice guy at the check out counter.  SOMEONE wouldn't let her buy any treats but she'll let that go for now because....

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