Monday, April 23, 2012

Mentor Monday: Part 2

It's that time again kiddies, Mentor Monday.  In case you missed Part 1, I signed up for a mentoring program recently to balance my need of doing something valuable with time with my slight nostalgia for teaching.  This is a site based, interest centered program.  In other words, go to school, hang out, participate activities student is interested in., bond with a student and be there if they need any guidance.  No learning standards, no lesson plans, no correcting papers, no hour long meetings with my supervisor. Basically, all the benefits of teaching, none of the nasty side effects. 

Back to Mentor Monday.  This was my second meeting with A.  She had suggested that this time we would draw during this session.  Therefore, I didn't see a problem with the dress and heals I was wearing.  Fortunately, I grabbed a pair of flats before walking in the school because when I got there, A wanted to "Just Dance."  That is, "Just Dance 3" on the Wii, which I just so happen to be a champion of.  Champion of my living room, as I was quick to find out, doesn't stand a chance against a high school student.  It was my first time doing a competition style and she beat me hands down every single time.  I did learn about "Simon Says" which is a bonus that is won after hitting certain levels.  I believe that I have this feature and I'll have to try it out at home.  It is super fun.

The hour flew by quickly.  A was able to tell me about her recent school trip and give me a bit of an update.  But with the video game, we didn't get to talk much.  It was probably good since it was only our second meeting.  I have a feeling though, that she is trying to pick activities she thinks I'll like rather than the other way around.  I mentioned I had "Just Dance 3" and the next week she wanted to do it.  I said I was going to the pool after our meeting and she suggested going swimming next week even though she can't swim.  It will be a challenge to get her to stop worrying about what will make me happy and focus on what she is interested in trying and accomplishing. 

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