Saturday, June 16, 2012

WIP it Up: Baby Blanket

I want to add a little knitting flavor to this blog.  I recently changed the tag at the top to "A complicated girl living the simple life."  I've changed this tag a gazillion times at this point because, like I said, I am a complicated girl.  Hopefully this one will stick, but if it doesn't, who cares.

So my current work in progress on the knitting front is for my dear friend Jen who is expecting her second child and first girl this fall!  Most of my friends are having boys which is great and all but handmade gifts seem to be better for girls.  I am getting an early start so that I can make lots and lots of cute stuff for this future cutie!

When I found this pattern on the blog Knit 1 LA  I fell in love because is was so pretty, so simple and a very manageable size.  My mother and I typically make bigger blankets for babies and they just take forever.  My sister recently showed us a beautiful leaf patterned one she knitted that was just big enough to wrap around the baby.  That little sis is pretty smart some times!
From K1 LA
Baby Iselle's Blanket  is the same idea, beautiful pattern, nice yarn, manageable size.  I picked up some pretty pink Lion Brand "Baby's First" yarn at Michael's and got to work.  It is a soft cotton and a number 5 bulky weight so it is whipping up quickly.  A nine row repeating pattern, a car ride from Utica, and some jury duty helped me make the progress you can see below.

Here is my WIP:

A few more lunch hours and episodes of "Hatfields and McCoys" and this little blanket will be all set. 

The next thing to decide is the edge...should I go green or possibly brown or cream?  Maybe I should ask the Momma to be....Jen what do you think?


  1. I started a wedding sampler before we were married 31 years ago, but never finished it...couldn't find it...until my sister presented it to me a short while ago all finished...except for being framed, which is in progress now...a work in progress started 31 years ago is finally complete! lol

    1. Maybe that is what will happen with my "love blanket." I started trying to do heart patterned square a month for our first year of marriage. We've been married 8 months and I only have 3 completed. Maybe I'll make it one a year!!!

  2. Your blanket is beautiful. Did you incorporate the K2 at the beginning and ending of the row? I just purchased my Lion Brand yarn, same color and want to begin making the blanket for my grand daughter. Please help. Thanks, Dee

  3. Diane, thanks for the compliment. The blanket is so easy! I followed the pattern completely. When you say K2 do you mean for the border? I crocheted that. Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions!