Monday, July 23, 2012

Mentor Monday: The Olympic Spirit

Since I tend to start a new job every two years, I've used the Olympic Theme many times in opening activities.  While it fit in with the curriculum (ancient world history gets you there eventually) its a universal theme that most people, no matter the age, can attach themselves to.  Just about everyone has a memory that includes an incredible Olympic story.  Whether it was the "Miracle on Ice"  in 1980, Kerri Strug landing the vault on a hurt ankle in 1996 to ensure her team the Gold Medal, or Michael Phelps winning a record setting 8 gold medals at the Olympic Games in 2008, we all have an Olympic event that made up stand up and cheer.  So when I saw this tutorial, I knew this would be a great activity to do with A.

The Olympic Bracelet on The Brassy Apple blog seemed like a perfect project.  A's came out great she chose to put on TONS of gold rings,

but mine was a little too big....

After a few adjustments mine will be perfect for cheering on Misty May Treanor and Kerry Walsh defend their beach volleyball gold!  Here's hoping you catch the Olympic Fever too! 

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