Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP it Up Wednesday - the Colleen Hat

Oh its been a while since we've seen a "WIP it UP Wednesday"!  There has been no shortage of works in progress around here.  But this one I am so happy to present.  I've always loved all things Irish and St. Patrick's Day, and my married name makes me sound SUPER Irish. Don't want to make it yourself, you can order it from my website here

The Colleen

In honor of St. Patty's Day I whipped up this little hat for my good friend Jen's daughter Rebecca.  You might remember her from the Baby Turban!
So cute...check it out on Pumpkin Head Knits

So cute!  I named this hat The Colleen because 1. Colleen means girl in Gaelic and 2. One of my favorite Colleens is visiting this weekend (more on that later)

Without further ado, here is how you make the "Colleen" or order it here!

1. Gather supplies -
DK weight yarn - I use Michael's Impeccable. 
Crochet Hook - I used an "H"
blue yarn needle

2.  Make a basic beanie pattern of your choice in white.  Here is my Basic Beanie Pattern including gauge. 

3. Using a bright Kelly Green (again Impeccable from Michael's) and the same crochet hook, make  a stripe around the hat.

  • Decide how far up the you the stripe on the hat, then use the spaces naturally created in the round.  This will keep you on the right track.

  • Place green yarn behind the section you are working on. Push hook through hole from front to back , wrap the yarn around the hook, and pull back through to the top. 
  •  Pull hook forward to next hole, push through from front to back, wrap the yarn around the hook, pull through again.   

  • Continue until the line joins together.  Cut tail and pull through to the front (as if finishing off).
  • Using the yarn needle, thread the tail through to the back and tie a knot with the starting tail.  Use the needle again to weave the tails through the green stripe.  

4.  Make the Shamrock.  I'll make it easy on you (and me).  I used Skip to my Lou for this shamrock.  I easily started with magic ring instead of her instructions to chain 4 and make a ring.  Either way, this shamrock takes about 3 minutes. Use a longish tail for the ring and then when finishing the shamrock so that you can easily sew it on the hat.    If you are unhappy with the size either use a bigger or smaller hook.

5.  Sew the shamrock on the hat.  I placed mine off center (be sure the joining section is in the back) and sewed it in using the two tails on the Shamrock.  Easy peasey.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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  1. Great tutorial! I'm hosting my first ever Pattern Party! I'd love to have you link up on friday. Only those with free patterns to share are invited to link. Check it out.

    1. Thanks Chelsea! I am new to this "linking up" thing and I will definitely check it out and add your blog to my google reader. I love the name!

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    1. Thanks Kara! And thanks for hosting!