Sunday, March 24, 2013

Let's Talk About Hair: St. Baldricks' Day

Yesterday, I was just another bald head in the crowd.
Yesterday, I was mistaken for someone healthy who made a choice to shave her head as a statement.
 Yesterday, I ALMOST got a free burrito.
Yesterday was St. Baldrick's Day.

The St. Baldrick's Day  Foundation seeks find cures for childhood cancer through research so that all children can go on to lead happy, healthy lives.  Just a few minutes on their website shows the funding gap between money for adult cancer research and childhood cancer research.  Money given to St. Baldrick's Day goes directly to research.

The last time I was a teacher, I had a student named Audrey who had Leukemia.  As a sixth grader, she was going through treatment, taking a break and coming back to school without missing a single assignment.  As teachers, we'd move heaven and earth to make sure she succeeded.  Audrey expected none of that.   Yesterday, at the St. Baldrick's Event her family organizes, I got to see Audrey, in 9th grade now, with a full head of flowing hair, healthy, happy, and so course, an straight A student. 

My friend Mike, at last year's event
I went to the Proctors Event on the invitation of a former colleague and friend, Mike Pletman who gets his head shaved for Audrey every year.  This year, he added me to the list of people he was getting his head shaved for.  It was a huge event where over 100 people got shaved.  Among them, a few middle school girls who I think are incredibly brave.  Middle school was not a time I would have wanted to stand out and I know that I would not have been so brave. It was also incredibly touching when a group of 2nd grade boys came up for the second year in a row and got their heads' shaved in memory of a their friend Ila, who passed away just three weeks after last year's event.  St. Baldrick's Day is something anyone can participate in, regardless of their age or gender.  The simple act of shaving ones head makes an incredibly strong statement. 


Dan and his awesome wife Nicole!
There are St. Baldrick's Day events all over the country, you can find them by zip code here.  In Johnstown NY, a bunch of friends were getting their heads' shaved as well.  The Johnstown PBA held an event with the Lanzi Family at Partner's Pub.  Some of the Amsterdam FD came out to join in the fun, including Dan Soper who raised over $1,000 which ended up being ONE QUARTER of the money raised at this event.  We had a blast and can't wait until next year.
You might recognize these two baldies!!

OH, back to the free burrito..
Bombers Burrito Bar, across the street from Proctors, offered free burritos to the shavees.  Your bald head was all that was need to cash in on the deal.  I was tempted, very tempted (and very hungry) to go over and get one but I just couldn't do it. We did have an awesome meal at Partner's Pub, you should check it out!

 Pictures were taken from:
St. Baldrick's Day at Proctors Facebook Page
St. Baldrick's Day Foundation Facebook Page

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  1. I love it! Keep calm and go bald, and what a fun fundraiser! ... my best friend in high school always said she thought girls would look so much better bald... no more looking for the perfect hair do. Ironically she died way too young of cancer... hmmmm.