Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP It UP Wednesday - Mike's Marriage Scarf

See this man...

At Jeff and Jen's Wedding!

Not only is he dashingly handsome and ridiculously funny, he is also patient. Extremely, incredibly, exceedingly patient.

We've spent many years together and he's seen a whole range of my crazy crafting projects. He doesn't complain that I leave the glue gun under the dinning room table for easy access.  He turns a blind eye to the corner of our living room overflowing with yarn.  He doesn't bat an eye when I go into the bathroom for natural reasons and come back out having changed the shower curtain, bathmat, and towels and started taping the walls for new paint.   And best of all, he doesn't mind when I ask him to drive places so that I can knit (I get out of driving lots of places this way!)  It may sound weird but I made about $50 crocheting St. Patrick's Day hats while Mike drove us out to Rochester and back to see my sister.  He drives and I knit the gas money, this is what makes a strong marriage people...take notes.

 After so many years of being together, so many miles driven together and so many projects on and off my needles, I'd still never made anything for Mike.  This came up in conversation one day and I admitted that I really never thought he wanted anything.  Turns out, he did. We came to the agreement that a scarf would be nice and that we'd pick out a coat to go with it afterward.

That was 2010 my friends...I had to check the date on the magazine I got the pattern from to be sure.     We weren't married, probably weren't even engaged.  And yes, he still doesn't have a coat.  He's the guy shoveling snow is a sweatshirt, who is still not cold. 

That is Inauguration Weekend was VERY cold and that's just a hoodie

Two weeks ago I picked up the project bag (out of the corner of yarn) and got back to work.  And I'm so very close.

Just have to finish the red and black part...

So this week's Work In Progress is Mike's Good Time Marriage Scarf.   Sure it took awhile, the stripes don't always match up and it curls a bit around the edges, but it's made with patience, perseverance, a whole lot of laughter and a whole lot of love.  Kinda like our marriage : )


  1. Looks like a great scarf to me! I feel like you could start a company with that. So many ways of interpreting the word "scarf"..... Keep up the good knitting!

  2. You are such an English Teacher! Yes, we could certainly look into the reasons why I choose a scarf, what that symbolizes and why it took so long to finish!!

  3. I love that scarf! My husband just looooves driving, so he drives all the time, but I need to start doing something to make some money while he drives! lol. I knit my hubby a scarf, but yours is so much prettier!