Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Return to Health: HAIR!

For the next week or so, we are going to be talking about HAIR.  Why?  Because as human beings, we identify so much with hair.  It is a main descriptor when talking about someone -"you know that brunette that lives down the street?" We associate personalities with it - blondes have more fun and gingers are a little wild.  Styling, straightening, gelling and taming our hair can take hours out of our day. Hair has inspired everything from band names to book titles to political movements. Hair is who we are.  So we are going to talk about it - losing it, growing it and learning to love it. 

I was a little worried about growing back my hair.  I had massive amounts of it before chemo that I totally took for granted.  I had reason to be concerned about growing it from scratch given my track record:

KQ's first birthday, topless and rockin' the mullet

See that hair...took a WHOLE year to grow that tiny mullet! 
Need someone to compare it to? Check out this picture of me with my cousin Michael, he's just a few months older. 

That's Michael on the right. Trust me, he likes girls a little bit more now, and has much less hair.

Fortunately, my hair is growing like a chia a pet.  Check it out:

 February 28th, 2013 - after rocking the bald head at the Vagina Monologues
See that guy in the background? That's my husband Mike.  Trust me, he likes me better in real life!

 March 16th, 2013 - Okay, so maybe chia pet is a little extreme but there is so much more hair that before!  And I am rocking to HAIR of the Dog on St. Patrick's Day! What could be better?

See in the background - it's HAIR of the Dog.  I told you we were all about HAIR!

Hair is important.  It defines and describes who a person it.  It is an integral part of our daily routine. 

My hair is growing and changing every day.  It is pretty exciting to watch.  And while my ability to grow hair has changed, my ability to party with or without it, has not....

Oh yea!


  1. That's awesome, you look great! Is it growing in different than before, (or maybe it is too soon to tell)? I had a friend who lost her hair due to chemo, and she said it was a different consistency when it grew back ...

    1. So far it seems darker! We shall see. I am going to go with the "no poo" method I read about on your blog. I figure I won't have to go through the greasy head stage!