Sunday, March 10, 2013

Succulent Saturday

I get daily emails from Etsy that usually have some type of picture of succulents looking, well succulent.  

Then I saw this post on on Centsational Girl - Terrariums Around the House and thought "I can do that."  Then my friend Steph said she wanted to come visit on Saturday and thought "She can do that with me!"  And so she did.

First, Steph showed up on my doorstep with some flowers, a sweet card and this:

That looked like this inside:
Well actually, there were a few more treats in the box..this is the after picture, not the before.  Good thing I went to the gym twice that morning!!

So we hit up Home Depot and Pet Smart and got started (I know I usually shop local but the green houses are not open right now and my go to pet store Country Feed doesn't have aquarium supplies).
From Pet Smart

From Home Depot
Here is what you need:
*Succulents (Home Depot)
*Moss (Home Depot)
*Cactus Soil (Home Depot)
*Activated Charcoal (Pet Smart)
*Aquarium Gravel (Pet Smart)
*A variety of apothecary jars, vases, bowls, coffee mugs, centerpieces from your wedding, that kind of thing.

Here is what we made:

 Here is how we did it:

 Assemble the troops:

Put a one-two inch layer of gravel on the bottom for drainage:
Add a spoonful or two of activated charcoal then soil:
 Fill up with soil and then arrange plants as you wish:
Stuff with moss:

Take a picture of your friend:

Water a bit and place in a sunny area:

Clean the all the dirt you spilled all over the table and floor (trust me you don't want a picture of this one!)

Supposedly they only need watering occasionally (I can live with that) and need lots and lots of sunshine.  If you need more information from people who are smarter than me, just google it.  You'll find more than you ever dreamed of!

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  1. How fun!!! I don't know why, but I have always been scared of succulents! I think I'll have to try this :)