Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - That Time I Broke Up With Running

Remember, that one time at band camp?  Since I tell so many stories about myself (just ask my coworkers) I've been compared to the Band Camp Girl on more than one occasion (for story telling reasons only, I swear!).  After this last weekend, I have a lot of stories to tell.  But the first one takes place about a year ago.  It is the day I broke up with running.  I thought I just couldn't do it.  I love if you'd read it again today as it goes with the post tomorrow. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Habitat for Humanity and a Dear John Letter

Dear Running,

As trite as it may sound sound, it's not you, it's me.  I'm just not that into you.  My friends and family tell me how good you are for me.  They tell me how they've fallen in love and want the same for me.  "Just stick with it, it gets better over time."  "Run and then you can eat what you want."  "Trust me, you'll  become addicted."  I feel like I've given it my best shot and it's just not working.

When we first met in  2009, I just wanted to prove I could snag you.  I wanted to take you home to my family on Thanksgiving, so I signed up for the Turkey Trot.  You and I saw each other a few times a week for a couple of months and I felt we were ready for this next step.  And we were.  I ran that 5K better than I thought I could, I beat a friend that I was sure would beat me, when I felt like walking at the end a lady in turkey hat cheered me on.  Sure, a few of my sixth grade students left me in the dust, but I think they just wanted to be at the finish line to cheer us on.  When I crossed the finish line, I had a few tears in my eyes.  I did it.  I proved I could.  That was enough.

We took a break for awhile after that.  When the 2010 Turkey Trot came around, I couldn't show my face at Thanksgiving without you so I signed up again.  We hadn't seen each other in awhile, but I surprisingly finished with a good time.  But a few days later another man asked for my hand and I left you for him and kettlebells.

But now, there is one more event we need to show up together at.  The Rally in Valley on May 12th benefits Habitat for Humanity here in Montgomery County.  Our friends are organizing it, the whole community will be there, and for one last time we need to make an appearance.  I know I've been ignoring you lately and three days of training probably isn't enough.  But hopefully you'll be kind enough to allow me to save face and cross the finish line.  I'm not sure if we'll see each other again after that.  Sure, we'll try to be friends, you'll show up in my work out from time to time, but the pressure of multiple miles with other people watching? I just don't think I can do it anymore.  It's not you, dear running, it's me.

Love always,


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