Monday, June 17, 2013

Return to Health: Running!

Sometime last week I reposted my blog from just about a year ago when I proudly "broke up" with running.  I loved that post, I found it equal parts witty and sassy and it meant I didn't have to run ever again!   I figured running was too big of a mountain to climb and that plenty of people live healthy lifestyles without having to pound the pavement for hours.  Little did I know that there where quite a few factors causing  my lethargy and weight gain.  After being diagnosed with cancer three months later, running didn't seem like that much of a challenge.

After chemo, I became determined to run again.  My wonderful friends decided that to create Team Kelly to run in the 12th Annual Teal Ribbon Run/Walk in September 2013.  I began doing Couch to 5K and feel my strength growing with each run.  Of course, there are some terrible, terrible days running.  But the reality is, I just didn't know how tired I was before cancer.  I thought that kind of tired was normal, a by product of a busy life, a semi-healthy diet that needed to be pain old healthy, and too much beer.  I am changing a lot of things about my lifestyle during this "Return to Health" and how I feel while running is a direct reflection on how well I am sticking to those changes.  

On June 1st, while only 5 weeks through my Couch to 5K, this fabulous mini-team Kelly and I "ran" the JoAnn and Nancy 5k in Schenectady.  JoAnn and Nancy were sister-in-laws who battled ovarian cancer together.  Their families honor their memory every year with this run.  JoAnn's son Jeff is a good friend and colleague and we were all honored to run with his family on this very HOT day in June.  It was an amazing day to fight like a girl! My time was 41:30 - something to beat to September! 

I got to be #1!  Pretty impressive since I hardly ever register for anything early!

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  1. That's awesome :) Congrats! Kinda funny, cause I just started C25K again too!