Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teal Tuesday - Beach Edition

Imagine the sunshine shining,  the waves crashing, the sea gulls cawing, and teal toes in the sand. Now, imagine it is last Tuesday. 

Last week we were vacationing in the Cape with some great friends and their families. I got to relax, read a book cover to cover, eat, drink, and laugh! We spent every day at the beach and each took turns being in charge of dinner for the night. One night we did an epic seafood cook out with steamers, scallops, lobster and margaritas!  These friends have quickly become like family and I am amazed and humbled by their generosity, openess, and acceptance into the crew. 

The best part was that I got to spend one week straight with the hubs without being sick, going to a doctor's appointment,  a medical test, or doing any paperwork. While a bunch of the last year has been spent at home it was certainly no vacation.  I slowed down, kept it simple, and focused on doing one thing at a time.  This vacation was a amazing.  Here are a few pictures...

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