Monday, July 1, 2013

Return to Health - I Can See!
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Chemo does a lot of funky things to a person's body.  Some are obvious - exhaustion, nausea , hair loss. Others not so much.  One I didn't realize I had was a change in vision.  According to The National Cancer Institute eye changes can include trouble wearing contact lenses, blurry vision, and watery eyes.

My eye sight has always been poor.  I've worn glasses since the 6th grade and I live in my contacts (well I sleep in them, which some people frown upon). Upon getting my first pair of glass, I looked at my sister and said "Wow, you have freckles on your nose!"  So when things were a little more blurry than usual, I figured it was just time for a new prescription.  I went for my regular appointment in February and when my ophthalmologist found out I had cancer (the head scarf gives it away every time) she scheduled two follow up appointments and field vision tests.  I've had my first follow up and field vision and everything showed up normal.  I told them I still didn't feel like I was seeing as crisply as I wanted to.  She told me just to give it time.

Then, just last week, it was like a light turned back on.  I was watching a video of our monthly legislative meeting in order to write the minutes.  While we have good camera equipment, it isn't the best.  As I was watching, I couldn't believe how clear and crisp everything looked.  I asked Joe, who made the video, if he had done anything different because it felt like I was watching HD.  When he assured me it was the same old stuff, I really started paying attention to how I was seeing.  On rainy, dark nights I noticed I could actually read the signs on the highway while driving home (good thing I knew the way home without needing to read!).  I am loving the ability to see clearer and that everything just looks brighter.  This was just an unexpected improvement on the road to the Return to Health!

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  1. First, love the pixie--fabulous on you. Second... maybe everything is more crisp because you literally see life differently? I shall explain more when we talk next.