Monday, January 27, 2014

Goal 4 - Batting "Clean Up"

The 4th goal is the hardest and probably the one I have the least direction with.  It seems like a constant struggle, every day it stares me in the face and just about every decision I make effects it.  Goal 4 is clean and organize my house so that its always ready for guests, and then have guests over.

I've never been good at being neat and clean. I've always wanted to be but I never seem to be able to keep things up.  A clean bedroom feels awesome, but as the week goes on, one piece of clothing goes on the floor and others follow.  I place a sock or two on my dresser, waiting for its match to turn up, and that before I know it I have a sock mountain.  I have resigned myself to the fact that being clean and neat is a conscious, daily decision.  It means slowing down and putting things where they belong and accomplishing small goals so that they don't build up into others.

To help me do this, I've used a bunch of different websites.  This breaks my rule about have clear actions that follow objectives.  I've been all over the place but I think I've settled on one that works best for me.  The one I've suck with the most was

Apartment Therapy's January Cure.  I get a daily email during the week and then one bigger project for the weekend.  The projects during the week are pretty manageable and sometimes more like exercises than tasks.  On the weekend we tackle a bigger project.  I am a little behind on this but I did clean my kitchen and organize my pantry which was really bothering me!  Plus, Apartment Therapy believes in fresh flowers every week...that is something I can stick to!  (I hope they have a February Cure!

Another great site that has to do with cleaning is the Clean Mama.  Becky has a set routine for the week and has free and paid printables to help you achieve it.  Following her on Facebook gives me reminders that I am supposed to clean the bathroom or wash some towels.  Whether or not I actually get up to do those things is another story...

Now for the last part, having people over.  First I have to accept that fact that I don't judge little messes in other people's houses and trust that they won't do that in mine.  Apartment Therapy stated at the beginning of the month that we had to have a set date for people to come over so that we had something to work toward. I love all things Olympics, I plan to have a few friends over to watch the opening ceremonies.  Check back to see how it goes!

Any tips and tricks on how to stay neat, clean and organized at home?  I can use all the help I can get!!!