Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why Wait? Read this now : )

Well its the New Year, the time for new promises, new hope and tons of backspacing when you accidentally type 2013.  The blog has been very silent due to some technical difficulties.  When  my laptop died a very sad death, I had to get a little creative with blogging.  I spent a lot of lunch hours at the Schenectady County Public library which lead to many interesting observations on life.  I posted a few posts from my iPad or phone...but it isn't really the best way.

Back in October or November, my dad brought over a very old laptop he found in his office.  He said it worked, but I should take it to a friend to get it checked out.  I delayed thinking that someday soon I would get a replacement computer.  Then Christmas happened, and we decided that we should wait a bit longer on the whole computer thing.  Finally after letting the computer gather dust for so long, I finally plugged this baby in....

Windows XP...Microsoft 2003...this baby only like to do one thing at a time but it has a real keyboard, websites come up in their full glory rather than mobile versions, and Facebook and blogger have all their options as opposed to the Ap versions.

All of this brings me to my first resolution of the New Year.  It's a pretty simple one...

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Why wait?  In the big things and the little things.  I really want to force myself to do things when I come across them as opposed to waiting for the "right" time.  The computer is a great example.  It was sitting in the corner for months, taking up space, while I struggled through finding information on my phone or spent my lunch hours away from my friends at work.  It took a while to set up, but nothing like the time I wasted without it.  

Resolution - Why Wait?  For the small things (like cleaning off the spoon I mixed my coffee with rather than putting it on the counter) to the bigger things (writing, blogging, living healthier).  Why Wait?  There is no time like the present!


  1. Here's to 2014! cleaning drawers, closets, organizing Christmas decorations, went to the gym, why wait?