Friday, January 10, 2014

Sometimes You Have to Be Your Own Hero

Recently, my husband and a close friend had a long discussion about how glad they were that they married strong women.  Having wives that would stand up for themselves meant that they still had wives to come home to. Both of us had gone through medical emergencies where we had to convince the people treating us to take us seriously.  It would have been years before I'd be diagnosis and the prognosis would be much worse.  My friend would probably not be vacationing with us this summer if she hadn't advocated for herself. 

It looks like I haven't told the full story of the knock-down, drag-out fight I had with a midwife to get an ultrasound at my first doctor's visit (but I will).  But I have written about not having to be like Angelina to take control of your health and even talked a bit about it on a local newpaper's blog. I want to share more of my story with you but also share the stories of so many other people who stood up for themselves, acted as their own heroes.  It may be medical but it could also be standing up for yourself in a relationship, at a job, or within your family.  If you have those stories, please share them me kqdemars <at> and come back here to read what I have in store for you.  

Everyday people are realizing that "Sometimes you have to be your own hero."  Have you? Please share.

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