Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stop and Smell the Snow Day

Among other things, teachers get a bad rap for snow days.  We can argue those merits and how much teachers actually work, but you all know how I stand on that.  Due to "the end is near" snow forecasts yesterday, even non-teachers are sitting home today.

So today I urge you to stop and smell the snow day.  Enjoy an hour of uninterrupted reading.  Give those poor people at Starbucks and Dunkin' and day off and learn what coffee made in your own house tastes like. Wear sweatpants, get out your old comfy blanket, if you are lucky enough, build a fire.   Watch some daytime TV, take a bath, play a board game, TAKE A NAP, write a letter, post and share some family pictures.  You know, all those things you would do if you had more time.  Laugh with your kids, call your mom, walk your dog.  Test the hypothesis that you actually have enough food in the refrigerator and on the cabinet shelves to survive the day (and probably many many more).  If you must, do some laundry or wash some dishes.  

Then, see how you feel tomorrow.  Are you more rested when you wake up? Did the world continue to turn?  Is all your work still waiting for you?  Are you better at your job after a day of rest? Living in the Northeast, we have an opportunity to "hibernate" in the winter, to rest and renew ourselves for the coming spring.  Why not take a day or two to do so and keep the winter blues at bay.  Stop and smell the snow day!!

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