Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mentor Monday: Old School Friendship Bracelets

It is now time for the least read post I write.  Out of my huge readership of 30-70 readers, Mentor Monday usually only gets about 10 hits.  But it's an important one to me so here goes.

This week's Mentor Monday turned into Tuesday due to scheduling problems.  We went a little old school and made some friendship bracelets.  Back in the day, the Garcia cousins were pretty awesome at friendship bracelets.  Every family get together revolved around what color floss we had and the latest braiding style we learned.  At these events, it was usually 6 girls to 1 boy so my poor cousin Michael learned how to make all these bracelets along with us.  We also used to sing "The Rainbow Connection" while we slept outside in my screen porch, but now I'm just embarassing myself.

Back to the bracelets, I figured we would do the easiest friendship bracelet I could remember (ie the only one I could remember).  "A" never made a friendship bracelet before so she wasn't quite sure all the work that went into them.  I picked three colors and used two strands of each in my bracelet.  She chose 6 colors and did a fancy, colorful layout with the 6th color in the middle and the one strand of the other colors straddling in on either side.  So basically, way too many strands for the first friendship bracelet.  After going through the first color weave, she basically gave up as it was a tangled mess.  Since I'm a bit practiced in this and only had a few strands, I had gotten pretty far on mine.  Instead of letting her give up, I had her switch with me and practice on my bracelet which had a well established pattern.   Once she "got it" she got really into it and got pretty far.  I only made it half way through her color scheme in about 30 minutes but the strands are pretty well organized so she should be able to pick it back up where I left off.  "A" ended up getting really into it and claims she is going to make some progress this week.  I can't wait to see how far she gets because, as you can see in the picture below, she has a lot of work ahead of her. 

My simple, yet effective bracelet

"A"s super creative, complicated, bracelet

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